Fair debt collection works better. For everyone! 

Collecting debts in a humane way is not only better for payers, but above all for your organization. Read on, we have the facts to prove it. 

The Faircasso Effect!

Financial, commercial and social profit, that's the Faircasso way!

10% more payments, 75% less summons

More payments, less costs. Our approach has been proven to be effective, with lower costs for everyone. We collect 10% more and our method leads to 75% fewer subpoenas. That adds up!

On average 40% customer retention

Humane debt collection offers people the space to resolve their situation. This trust translates directly into an average of 40% customer retention! And customers who are financially stronger.

A stronger society

We don't only help people pay, we help them regain their strength. This has an enormous social impact: together we prevent future debts and the enormous costs involved (already 11 billion a year!).

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